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December 21, 2009
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I've always avoided doing female characters before, so it was high time I grabbed the bull by the horns. Inspired by a real life angel (honest! they exist!) it was time to do a proper study. It was a good opportunity to do something with a "nice" theme for once, too (angry dragunz usually eat maidens ;p)
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GREEKMASTER Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
enjoy her beauty and try to listen...I dont know I thing not, be in shame sex is not allowed. the only touch will be in your heart.
Grinningsunknown Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
a nude 3-d mae angel would be nice to see they too exist. XD
Vasilisa-Uzhasnaja Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I saw this and instantly saw Natalie Portman. I knew I wouldn't be the only one :P
Fantastic lighting and realism. Unlike most of the digital paintings and renderings of women I normally see, her face actually looks alive and full of expression and character. Like she could speak at any moment, and have a distinctly gentle yet girlish voice. Like Natalie's :o

The pose in my opinion, isn't very flattering, but then again that adds to the realism. Rather than a fakey obnoxious model pose, it's a very realistic, relaxed position, with all of the muscles and fleshy parts going where they should, being displaced appropriately according to their environment. The thighs and feet are the most expressive in this regard. I can almost feel the bark of the stump's roots myself, with the rustling of autumn leaves through the toes. That's how well you've got it down.

The one thing that bugs bugs me are the wings; the back part of the stump looks like it's behind the wings; she's resting her back and shoulder on it, giving the impression that the wings are growing from the stump and not her back.

That aside, it's still gorgeous and full of life :star:
Anim8her Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely gorgeous! I can't come up with any other words for this - I love it!
raptor69n Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011
To see her in flight would be the only thing better, great job of lighting from back and front.
Noitusan Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011
Magnificent piece.
rich35211 Featured By Owner May 4, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Fantastic work !!!!
KingLion Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011
Hermosa!! =)
WickedPrince Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010
Awesome work. :)
RighteousFury Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It has great flow and a like the attention to detail. good work
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